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    Korgonthurus - Vuohen Siunaus Digipack CD

    Release date:
    CUT 070
    Digipack CD
    Black Metal
    Woodcut Records

    11,90 €

    Long-awaited 2nd full length album of band led by legendary ex Horna frontman Corvus. “Vuohen Siunaus” sounds completely different compare to slow, simplistic and repetitious debut "Marras", now Korgonthurus returned to the way the Finns are known. KAAOS!

    Second full length titled “Vuohen Siunaus” was recorded during summer
    2015 and will be released on May 27th 2016 through Woodcut Records.

    Cover artwork and logo artwork by Daniel "Nekronikon" Corcuera.

    Vuohen Siunaus 4-panel digipack cd + booklet

    1. Kaaos 4:58
    2. Puhdistuksen Tulet 5:54
    3. I.K.P.N. 6:44
    4. Vuohen Siunaus 5:10
    5. Inho 4:35
    6. Ihmisyyden Raunioilla 6:47
    7. Lux 14:18

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