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    O​.​B​.​C - Enochian Crescent/True Black Dawn/O Split CD

    Release date:
    CUT 032
    Black Metal
    Woodcut Records

    9,90 €

    1.O - amm.unit.ion 909
    2.O - n01.r est-8
    3.O - 352.1852
    4.True Black Dawn - Welcome to the Shriikshow
    5.True Black Dawn - The God Is All
    6.True Black Dawn - Abattoirboy
    7.True Black Dawn - Ihr Gesicht ist Weiss
    8.True Black Dawn - Tentacles Come
    9.True Black Dawn - The Man with the Hole in His Head
    10.True Black Dawn - Null
    11.Enochian Crescent - Hendekagrammaton
    12.Enochian Crescent - Typhon
    13.Enochian Crescent - Muisto sorkasta

    The 3-way split OBC between O, Black Dawn and Enochian Crescent and contains three new and unreleased songs from each band.

    O - Manifest of Futurism

    The True Black Dawn - Boogeyman Unbound 

    Enochian Crescent - Citizen Cain 

    Enochian Crescent recorded, mixed, and mastered four new songs during 2002 and 2003. Three of these songs shall appear on "Citizen Cain" as a part of the O.B.C. three-way-split album with Black Dawn and O. The fourth song "Spirit Murder" is bonus material for the upcoming re-release of the two long sold-out Avantgarde era discs entitled "Babalon Omega".

    O is nothing but a heap of skin sewed into this carnal blank totality called existence and a symbol of the vanity of emptiness. When we became to be is as much irrelevant as who we are because we are all just prisoners of our time condemned to this momentary life. But as we are, we take no pleasure in existence except when the energy is slowly melting or when engaged in pure activity of the mind. Our existence bears no form of foundation, only motion in the structures of transient presence. In other forms we are overtaken by vanity and that is the sensation of the emptiness of existence. Our skin of the world is here waiting to get exsiccated in the sun while you try to moisten the truths that are nothing but beautiful lies. The dissolute sound of industrialized proclamation is night!!!!!!!!!!!!