Methods of payment.
    We accept the following methods of payment:
    1. IBAN Bank transfer EU
    2. PayPal. [Add 5% more for fees.] Accepts major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard etc. Pay secure with major credit cards through PayPal.

    How to order.
    1. Add items to cart
    2. Proceed to checkout
    - Write your name, address and e-mail
    - Make a payment choice IBAN Bank transfer or PayPal payment
    - And make a choice cd´s with or without jewelcases
    - Continue and check out at adress and email is correct then confirm order
    3.  You will receive an email within 24h with the final price, payment info and confirmation of availability.

    Postikulut | Yli 100 eur. Tilaukset postikuluitta.
    1 – 2 CD 1,75 eur. | 3 – 4 CD 3,25 eur. | T-Paita 3,25 eur. | LP 8,10 eur.

    Shipping costs.
    0-100g (1 CD without jewelcase, 1 Digipack CD)
    Europe  -  2.60 Euro  |  Rest  -  4.10 Euro

    101 - 500g (1-2 CD | 1 T-Shirt.) or (4 – 6 CD´s without jewelcases.)
    Europe  -  4.10 Euro  |  Rest  –  4,10 Euro

    501 - 1000g (3-4 CD´s | 2 T-Shirt´s )
    Europe  -  8.20 Euro  |  Rest  –  8,20 Euro

    Postal Parcel International (Priority)
    Note: Vinyl subscribers - Package delivery with tracking number (2,5,10 kilo parcels) have different prices, and also different locations might have a bit cheaper shipping rates. Ask for more info woodcut [a] saunalahti.fi

    For example: *2 kg Package 2-3 LP´s With tracking number!
    *21,80 Eur. To Benelux, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Viro.
    *27,00 Eur. To France, Spain, UK, Eire, Italy, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Poland.
    *37,00 Eur. To Usa, Canada, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Russia.
    *38,00 Eur. To Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, New Zeeland.

    Maxiletters (for LP shipping) Without tracking number!
    0-500g (1 light weight LP packed)
    Europe – 13,40 Euro  |  Rest  –  22,60 Euro

    Europe – 19,00 Euro  |  Rest  –  37,00 Euro

    All packages shipped with Priority Mail!


    Return Policy
    The Items are sent in "NEW" condition, packaged carefully to avoid any damage. We are not responsible for problems, caused by post employees or by customs' offices. Or if you have any questions - Contact us!

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